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About us
Venture Outsource Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong and is principally engaged in the provision of car leasing and rental services for the “value conscious” corporate car renters. The company name was chosen to appeal to corporate customers who are concern with the risk and hassles associated with motor vehicle ownership.

Venture Outsource was founded by a group of professionals to whom possesses decades of experience in providing quality car outsourcing solutions in Hong Kong from as early as 1996. The company possessed the expertise in motor vehicle leasing, Fleet management; Vehicle financing and Motor insurance.

Venture Outsource’ clientele consist of mainly well-established Global Corporations that has regional offices in Hong Kong, as well as many fast growing companies that has car outsourcing needs. The company provides consistent and dependable service that often exceeds its client’s expectations and therefore had created many loyal customers. In 2006, Venture Outsource extended it service portfolio to also include personal vehicle leasing, acquisitions and disposal services for individuals and expatriates, as well as chauffeur-driven services.

Along the years, Venture Outsource endeavors to develop new ideas, skills and services to meet with its clients’ growing expectation and requirements. In addition to what already exists in traditional car rental services, many value added benefits and services is being included such as but not limited to vehicle pick up and drop off services; “Lease to Own” service; Car wash & cosmetic service; Fuel refilling discount benefits; Chauffeur-driven service; Occasional car swapping and Distress tyres’ change service. Etc.

Our Mission
The Important qualities that Venture Outsource emphasizes are simply to consistently deliver quality and friendly services to its clients, and taking Customer Service as a first priority. The company’s mission is to create a better quality everyday environment for as many organizations and people as possible, and we try to achieve this by offering applicable products and services at affordable prices.

Venture Outsource endeavors to adopt new concepts and solutions to meet with the expectation of value conscious customers. We strongly believe that by maintaining integrity, flexibility and a high standard of professionalism and technical expertise will help ensure our sustainable growth.